Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

A History of Violence

Title: Riddle
Author: Edoraslass
Rating: I'd say G
Disclaimer: Not mine, Tolkien's

Perhaps a slightly odd take on the theme, but it's what just popped out. :)
And I think I stole the riddle idea from someone, but I don't know who.


Sings not, yet its voice soars a haunting refrain.
Fights not, yet bears the scars of countless battles.
Born not of woman, yet armies of sons flock to its call.
Lives not, but is silenced forever by the hard edge of a steel blade.

Speaks not, yet tells a tale of woe to make kings weep.
Loves not, yet breaks the hearts of noble men.
Borne not by boat, yet sails unerringly to its home.
Eats not, but devours the hope of a dark-clad man in a white shining city.

No conqueror, yet defeats a Steward with a single blow.
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