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Reflections Over Water, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (Unmentionables - Telescope)

Title: Reflections over Water
Challenge: Unmentionables – Telescope
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Elwë ponders Olwë’s latest project, and what uses it might have.

“What dost thou, brother?” Elwë stared at the bowl of water Olwë studied, thinking. “Surely thou hast not taken to scrying, like Daireth of the Minyai.”

Olwë snorted. “In case thou didst forget, brother, Daireth hath married our cousin Gweluven. ‘Twas Gweluven who suggested this,” he added. He twirled a blade of sea-grass between two fingers, bringing it closer to the bowl and further away. “See you how the reflection changeth?”

“Aye, I see,” Elwë agreed.

“What of other reflections? We wouldst carry something akin to the bowl,” Olwë said. “A clear gem which reflecteth so?”

“Hmm.” Elwë murmured, thinking.
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