mirkwoodmaiden1 (mirkwoodmaiden1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Weekly Challenge (telescope)

Title: Closer to Ilúvatar's perfection

Author: Mirkwoodmaiden1

Characters/ Pairing: Estel/ Glorfindel
Rating: K

Warnings: None

Summary:  Estel and Glorfindel stargaze one night.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the Tolkien Estate

Estel lay down on the star promontory in the highest balcony in Imladris with Glorfindel, stargazing. They lay silently, allowing the perfect light of Varda's stars to fall upon them. His tutor spoke of how Varda created the stars. How the light of stars remained beauty untouched by Morgoth and as such, it was beauty unmarred.  He said to look up was to see perfection. Glorfindel reached for his telescope beautifully wrought in gold, and said to his young charge that to look through the telescope was to be closer Ilúvatar's perfection and thus break the boundaries of Arda marred. 

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