mirkwoodmaiden1 (mirkwoodmaiden1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Weekly challenge (Spectacles)

Title: Time had Begun Again

Author: Mirkwoodmaiden1

Characters/Pairing: Frodo/ Bilbo

Rating: K

Warning: none

Source: LOTR

Disclaimer:  These Characters belong to Tolkien Estates

Hope this drabble finds everyone well and safe. ((virtual hugs))

Frodo entered the rooms that had been especially made for Bilbo here in Imladris.  He had so looked forward to seeing him again.  That was until somewhere in Mordor when he had given up hope of living past the demands of the Quest. But now once again here in Imladris having at least survived he could see Bilbo once again.  Time in Imladris always seemed still somehow and yet the first thing he saw upon entering Bilbo's rooms was his dear uncle reaching for a pair of spectacles. The power of the Elven rings had finished. Time had begun again.   

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