mirkwoodmaiden1 (mirkwoodmaiden1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Weekly Challenge (unmentionables- Underwear)

Title: A Moment in the Shire

Author:  Mirkwoodmaiden1

Characters/ Pairings: Rosie, Elanor, Sam

Source: LOTR

Warning: None

Rating: K

Disclaimer:  These characters belong to the Tolkien Estate

Rosie hefted the basket of laundry out to the line. She shook out trousers and hung them up.  She looked over at the rosebushes where Elanor sat playing with the dandelions that had started sprouting in the green grass of the garden. Rosie smiled as she shook out a pair of Sam's underwear.  She noticed they were getting a little threadbare as she hung them.  It would not do to have the Mayor with threadbare undies.  Elanor laughed as she spun a dandelion clock.  Rosie watched the golden child play. She heard Sam hum as he pruned. Life was good.

Tags: author: mirkwoodmaiden1, challenge: unmentionables: underwear, character: rosie, character: sam
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