Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

A Little Note - history of violence challenge, tolkien_weekly

Title: A Little Note from History
Author: Kortirion
Character: Witch King of Angmar
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Oo-er, well Missus – I don’t know about that - But The Prof didn’t do this – no way!
Notes: Re-cycling, originally at tolkien100 – it was sort of meant for the Sharp challenge, but heh...?

Dear Shelob,

Thanks for the socks. Silk and elf-hair - luxury!
Sorry to hear about nasty encounter with ‘great Elf-warrior’, relieved to know it was only a little prick - albeit a sharp one.
Shagrat spread dreadful rumours about G.E.W. – but now stews in own juice – literally!

Preparations going splendidly. We’re writing history with this battle! But v-difficult getting several thousand Easterlings to behave – Boy, do they party!!
Thanks for warning about curly-headed wee beasties with pointy things.
Not born of woman? Who’re they trying to kid?

BTW – Could you manage matching gloves? Something for the victory parade!!.


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