mirkwoodmaiden1 (mirkwoodmaiden1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Weekly Challenge (Cold showers)

Title:  Within the Caves…Joy!

Author: Mirkwoodmaiden1

Characters: Legolas and Gimli

Rating: G

Source: LOTR (book)

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the Tolkien Estates.

Legolas had his doubts, but he had promised his friend Gimli. In this he could not let him down. He took one step and then another. He looked around the Glittering Caves and he was speechless. He saw what looked like cold showers of crystal spilling forth all around him. The beauty of this place filled his soul. His star-filled eyes looked joyfully upon Gimli. The dwarf looked at his friend and the joy he saw there lit his own heart. He looked about the Glittering Caves seeing it through his friend’s eyes; the gift of beauty new and fresh. 

Tags: author: mirkwoodmaiden1, character: gimli, character: legolas

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