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Great Outdoors - several: To See Our Enemy Coming, by Himring

Title: To See Our Enemy Coming
Author: Himring
Characters: Edhellos (Eldalote), Angrod's wife; Cirdan
Rating: PG
Warnings: allusion to the fall of Dorthonion in the Battle of the Sudden Flame
Book/Source: Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth
Disclaimer: The characters and settings are Tolkien's, but this interaction is entirely invented. Although Edhellos is a canonical character, we know hardly anything about her and her life.
A/N: This drabble is the second of a pair, posted as such to tolkien100. This one can stand on its own, I believe, but you might like to compare the double drabble version over there. Also, apologies for lagging so much behind with the prompts!

Edhellos did not make her request, until she had delivered Finrod’s messages to Cirdan, and they were alone.

‘Cirdan, give me leave to dwell in Barad Nimras. Your people would surely be happily employed elsewhere?’

She saw his uneasy look.

‘No, I will not be staring west, fruitlessly spying for a far-off shore! It is a guard tower! And we would be your watchers.

But we hail from the mountains and moorlands of Dorthonion. We would feel easier looking down from on high than under hills, in Nargothrond—because when the Enemy next comes, we want to see them coming!’
Tags: author: himring, challenge: great outdoors; hills, challenge: great outdoors; moorland, challenge: great outdoors; mountain, character: cirdan, character: elves, character: other canon character
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