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Leap of Faith - geography challenge: Moria - tolkien_weekly

Title: Leap of Faith
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir, supporting roles for Merry and Pippin
Source: Movieverse
Warning: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien dreamed up the place: PJ dreamed up the action: Kortirion just wants to join the game.

‘What if I fail them? What if I haven't the strength?’
Boromir glanced down; two anxious faces watched him. A tiny voice in his head whispered, ‘you’ll fail - you’ll plunge into darkness’.
Small hands clutched his, "I trust you Boromir," murmured Pippin.
"You've the strength," whispered Merry, "you can do it."
He pushed the doubting voice aside; held them close, hugging them tight to his side; drawing strength from their nearness, from belief unmarred by doubts.

He leapt with them across the chasm of Khazad-dum, borne aloft by their unwavering trust; a last leap of faith before his fall.
Tags: challenge: geography: moria
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