Elwen (elwenlj) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Lost - By Elwen of the Hidden Valley. For the Open Water prompt.

Title: Lost
Author: Elwen of the Hidden Valley
Rating: Gen
Characters: Frodo, Bilbo


An age ago, Frodo had thought the Shire's Brandywine, the largest body of water in the world. The quest disabused him of that notion. Even Merry, raised beside the river, had been cowed by the Anduin.

This sea was overwhelming. Walking the length of the ship, Frodo saw only rolling water in all directions. Mind could not encompass the dark depth, and boundless width of it. If he jumped in, he would truly be lost to the world; a tiny, inconsequential, speck.

Bilbo's gnarled hand gripped his shoulder. “Come on, lad. Let's eat. These elves set a very good table.”


Tags: author: elwen of the hidden valley, challenge: sea places: open water, character: bilbo, character: frodo
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