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Seashore challenge: Bay, Shoreline, cliff, Harbour and Open water!

I have been away but so happy to get back and write these sea challenges!  So I have combine all the challenges in creating the story of Lothíriel departing Dol Amroth. I do so love writing drabbles!

Title: A few moments at the seaside
Author: Mirkwoodmaiden1
Characters: Lothíriel, Prince Imrahil
Rating: G
Source: LOTR Just after the Ring War
Disclaimer: All Tolkien’s works. Thank you Professor…

The Bay of Belfalas spread out before her, wide, beautiful and wild.  Lothíriel had awoken this morning and the call of the bay was too  powerful to resist. She needed to spend time with her waters before she  left them to go northwards.  She dressed quickly and for old times sake  left by way of the window, her childhood escape. She ran down the sea  path, feet barely touching the pebbled way so excited was she to reach  her bay. Now she stood, eyes closed soaking in the sounds and the  smells. Waves crash, "Don't go!" they say. "I must." 


Walking along the shoreline Lothíriel picked up shells delighting  in the interplay of colours. She swished each about in the receding  waves as she felt the wet sand squish between her toes. Cool as the  seaside breezes blew her blond tresses across her face.  The sea was a  part of her soul. How she would miss it.  But her life was leading her  away from her seaside home.  Blue eyes and an earnest heart was showing  her another life to be lead, calling to her to a sea of another sort.  Wide seas of golden plains painted with his words.                   


She looks up the cliff and sees her father looking out to the  seas and then down to her.  She can feel his thoughts.  He is troubled  to be losing his beloved daughter.  She scrambles up the sea stairs.   Nature's wonder cut into rock connecting shore and cliff and at this  moment providing the path that allows father and daughter time together  amid the sea breezes and multitudes of the seabirds puncturing the  lulling drone of the crashing waves with their sharp "caws!" She sees  her father's emotion in his eyes, "I will miss you, too. Papa! But he  calls!"              


They both know who he is.  Éomer, king of the Mark and friend to  King Elessar.  She is Princess of Dol Amroth. Their titles match. Most  superficial of all considerations.  Her father had wishes for more than  title in a match for his beloved daughter.  He could not have parted  with her if it were only a title to be had.  But he looked in his  daughter's eyes and then into the eyes of the young man who was to take  her from him and from the sea and he saw that he would be her safe  harbor in life.           


There they stood. Father's arms wrapped around daughter with the  sea winds blowing around them, flapping both cloak and dress most ardently.  It was almost time to depart and start making their wending way to her  new life.  Lothíriel was quiet, soaking in the sights and sounds that  had surrounded her all of her life.  Shells in her pocket, habit of a  lifetime.  Cool breeze through her hair.  She gazed out to sea, watching  the waves swell and crash. She looked out to the open water allowing it  to fill her soul. This she would take with her. To him.


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