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Song challenge: walking song and work song, a pair of drabbles

Title: Companions
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Aragorn, Bilbo
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: One of those little bits that Tolkien thought too insignificant to mention.

Walking Song

He knew the little Hobbit liked walking songs, but they were something he’d never really become attuned to. Maybe their countryside being softer… Aragon mused …and easier walking, means they’ve the breath for singing.

Bilbo stumped briskly ahead of him down the well-trodden winding paths of Rivendell leading to the lower falls of the river. His song drifted back… something about ‘loving to go a-wandering’? The man smiled, he knew the Shire from brief visits along its borders, he knew the folk there – and how very, very rare it was for a Hobbit to go a-wandering – knapsack equipped or not!

Work song

The riverbank was dry, mostly the dells were too deep to catch much sun, but this one was favoured, wide enough for grass and trees. Aragorn had stripped off coat, boots and trews, and waded thigh-deep in the cold, clear water. Bilbo watched him from the bank, ruminatively chewing an apple.

“You’d think,” said Bilbo, “there should be fishing songs – to while away the time.”

Aragorn was concentrating on the trout.

“You need something… to occupy your mind… ”

“Shush…” said Aragorn.

“Oh, you’ve got one!”

“Well I might have, if…”

“Ah,” said Bilbo, “told you. Work-song, that’s what’s needed.”

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