SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Gilded Timbers

Title: Gilded Timbers
Author: SheBit
Characters: Edoras!
Source: Umm, UT, I think
Rating: General.
Disclaimer: It's all the Professor's. He built Edoras, I just wander about the stables.
Author's Note: For the Edoras challenge.

As they crested a hill he saw it for the first time. The high-perched hall shone, gilded timbers bright as morning light. Verdant banners emblazened with white horses and golden suns fluttered from every heavy-beamed wall, grim soldiers patroling the windswept ramparts. Within those walls rose a hundred pale-thatched rooves and the great carven roof of the stables, wooden steeds standing proud at high gables.

“You have done much in so short a time. This place does you honour.”

“Your gift honours me, Lord Cirion, and all my people. We are bond allies now. When you call, Edoras will answer.
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