Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Edoras/Meduseld geography challenge

Title: Common Folk
Author: Edoraslass
Warning: None
Summary: A common woman's view of the Golden Hall. :)
Disclaimer: Well, the narrator is mine. But nothing else is.

Common Folk

Don’t you get me wrong - I’d never want to be any other place. The Meduseld is right lovely; lovlier than any Elven home, more beautiful than the palace on the shores of Dol Amroth, more welcomin’ than the cold stone o Mundberg.

No, I never been to Mundberg -- why’d yeh ask? Ain’t no matter, yeh cheeky thing..

You’ve seen nothin’ til you seen Rohan’s Golden Hall -- all them carvins and banners o’ the House o’ Eorl. Makes ye right proud to be of the Rohirrim.

But oh -- how I hate dustin’ them carvins. Web-catchers, every one.
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