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Title: Homecoming
Author: Simbelmynë
Characters: unnamed Rohirrim
Rating: G, for goopy
Book/Source: RoTK
Disclaimer: Tolkien = genius. Simbelmynë = not so much.
Summary: A soldier returns from the siege of Mundburg.
AN: For the Edoras challenge.


The day was warm and the hill steep. His leg pained him; the flash of sun on steel dazzled his seeking eyes. But he marched on, searching the crowd for a face he scarcely dared hope to find.

Suddenly the crowd parted, and he saw her: running, arms wide, hair streaming golden behind her. He stopped, eyes seeking and meeting hers, and what he found there dazzled him more than the sunlight. Her name caught in his throat; blindly he reached out for her.

Soft hands and lips welcomed him, and the marching soldiers passed unheeded around their melded figures.

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