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A Very Late Contribution to the 'Moria' Challenge

Title: In Narvi’s Eyes
Author: Aervir
Source: Lord of the Rings as well as a few details from The Silmarillion
Characters: Narvi, Celebrimbor (implied)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Tolkien invented this wonderful world, and it has also become my little playground.
Author’s Note: This was originally intended for the Moria challenge. Unfortunately, due to lack of Internet access, I didn’t have the opportunity of posting it; hence the delay. If this violates the community rules in any way, please feel free to delete it.

The Firstborn despise the Children of Mahal, but they only loathe us because they lack understanding.
They, who awoke under Varda’s stars, call our most beautiful dwelling a black pit: How should they know that the jewels in the stony sky of the vaults surpass the stars in beauty by far? And neither can they, who talk to the trees of Yavanna, hear the rocks breathe and feel the blood beating in metal veins.
This elvensmith, however, is different. Working adamant, mithril and steel with deft fingers, he is worthy to carve a monument for our people at our gates.
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