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Another Belated Drabble -- for the 'Edoras' Challenge

Title: Steelsheen
Author: Aervir
Source: Lord of the Rings (Appendix A II)
Characters: Morwen of Lossarnach
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This was written out of a deep abiding love for Middle-earth, and most certainly not for money.
Author’s Note: Just like in the case of the Moria challenge, I was also unable to post my response to the Edoras challenge within the time limit. So please delete if necessary.

The folks at Edoras had given up hope that Fengel’s son might welcome a princess to his hall.Then, after all these years, the people grumbled, the King’s heir left for the Stoningland and chose a stranger from the South!
Never had they seen her before they called Thengel back to Meduseld. There she stood, a woman in front of her new home, and the eyes of the town were upon her: cupbearer, bedfellow, mother.
But her eyes were as fell as shining steel, and her hand lay on the hilt of a blade. Edoras had found its Queen at last.
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