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Last But Not Least: 'Mirkwood'

Title: A Web of Worries
Author: Aervir
Source: The Hobbit
Characters: Um, I did not have anyone specific in mind, but it’s definitely someone of the Arachnid sort.
Rating: G
Warning: None (apart from a lame attempt at a humorous tone resulting in monumental unfunniness)
Disclaimer: Tolkien created everything, and I am not worthy to appropriate anything.
Author’s Note: For the Mirkwood challenge. And I am even posting this in time.

Let me tell you something: Being the scourge of Mirkwood is no longer what it used to be.
Once folks call you the spawn of Ungoliant, you must count yourself lucky if you get a few scrawny squirrels for lunch. Not even wolves and bears like hanging out wherever you’re around. And those high’n’mighty elf-lords want to show off with their bows and arrows when they’re pissed. Which they’re often enough, trust me.
If they finally leave you alone, just for once, some tiny, foul-mouthed, upstart will free your well-earned supper. Well, I’ve never liked my fresh meat hairy anyway.
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