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Halfway to Hale (Mirkwood challenge, rated PG)

Title: Halfway to Hale
Author: rubynye
Rating: PG for implied violence
Challenge: Mirkwood location challenge.
Character: OC Elf archer, a young one from the sound of things. Think he's over 100 yet?
Book: Return of the King backstory.
Disclaimer: Arda and its peoples are the Professor's, not mine.

And how should I stay behind, lying idle abed? Too long has the Greenwood lain under shadow, too long has the reeking breath of evil tainted the wind rustling in the leaves. With the fall of Mordor the Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood now rise, doom on their brows and their hands filled with light, to lead a mingled force of elves against Dol Guldur's dark walls. Those walls shall be broken, the overhanging gloom shattered, and Mirkwood once more shall greenly glow in the Sun. As I live and may walk I must be nowhere but there!
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