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Geography-challenge: The Grey Havens: tolkien weekly - ...And Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

Title: …And Miles To Go Before I Sleep.
Author: Kortirion
Character: Lord Elrond of Rivendell
Source: LotR
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All is Tolkien’s – Kortirion merely extrapolates for amusement.
Notes: …and this is the silly one!

Elrond gritted his teeth; his hands clenched the reins hard, enough to make his horse swing its head irritably. He sighed, knowing exactly how it felt. It was the querulous tone that had somehow developed in the old hobbit’s voice - the endless repetition.

He put heels to flanks and cantered ahead. Cresting the rise, he saw the high towers; his furrowed brow lightened. At last… The Grey Havens… a great smile spread across his features.

A few days later, as the ship slipped swiftly over the waves, soft, but piercingly came Bilbo’s voice,

“Are we there yet…?”

Elrond screamed.
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