SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

New Challenge

Sorry about the delay, folks. I was away for the weekend and only got back online tonight.

Right, time for a new challenge. Your new challenge is:

Lost Cities

There are many great cities which once adorned Middle-earth but are no longer standing by the end of the Third Age. Armenelos and Andunie, the sunken cities of Numenor; Gondolin and Nargothrong, the great Elven cities of Beleriand; Navrast and Belegost, the ancient cities of the dwarves; and more recent lost cities, like Fornost, the capital of Arnor, Tharbad, astride the Greyflood which separated Arnor and Gondor, or Osgiliath, once a great capital city but now a ruin.

There are many great lost cities, so pick some and write about them!
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