Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Starless in Armenelos: Lost Cities - challenge, tolkien_weekly

Title: Starless in Armenelos
Author: Kortirion
Rating: G
Source: Akallabeth
Disclaimer: Tolkien imagined the wonders and phrased the brilliance – Kortirion lights matches in the dark

Starless, the darkest blue arches above; incurious eyes gaze upon crumbling stone as they make their way about their business, oblivious of past glories. Once busy streets silt with detritus, fine paving is slowly covered by encroaching sands. Here and there former inhabitants remain crouched in fear, still sheltering in doorways and corners.

Nothing remains to tell of vaulting ambition, no brazen trumpets greet the sun’s rising; no banners flaunt wealth from the city’s pinnacles. Roofs fall leaving empty sockets, tumbled masonry makes gap-toothed grimaces of walls.

All is silent; all is stillness in the watery charnel-house once called Armenelos.
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