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A Dream of White Towers (Faramir and others, rated G)

Title: A Dream of White Towers
Author: rubynye
Characters/Pairing: Prince Faramir and King Elessar; others mentioned
Rating: G
Warnings: none, really.
Book/Source: RotK, at end/post-script
Challenge: The Grey Havens challenge, now past. Please forgive me my tardiness.
Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me but the order of these words.
Author's Note: shirebound's plotbunnies are wonderful things.

"There were three white towers," Faramir said, sunset gilding his face. "The greatest I knew for Elostirion, though I have seen it never with waking eyes; it gleamed almost brighter even than this Tower." Returning Elessar's smile, he continued. "Standing at its crown, at a balcony of alabaster, I looked to the West as we do now. I saw a ship, swan-necked, its sails of gossamer; he stood within, flanked by Mithrandir and the Lady of the Wood, and he held a star aloft in his hand."

With those words, Faramir sighed. "So I learned, my King, of the Ringbearer's departure."
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