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Geography challenge: Valinor, tolkien_weekly

Title: On That Other Shore
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir
Rating: G-ish for male bonding implied.
Source: AU? – Men reach Valinor and then pass onwards to the far West – I don’t remember which bit of HoME I read that, might be ‘Morgoth’s Ring’
Disclaimer: Tolkien made him… and all of Middle-Earth, Kortirion is only a visiter.
Notes: For Boromir’s birthday [unilaterally declared as: 14th August - at about 2am]

The skies above bent themselves anew, light passed to dark, while the seas bore me onwards. I slept. Awaking on a silver strand, the shining Elves came with questions. They gave me leave to wait, even finding me lodgings nearby so I might walk the shore.

They say he will come, though his queen does not. Will he have regrets? Turn away? No point guessing at mayhaps – that I am here is mystery enough. I remember the wait before battle, the agony of unknowing – but this…? I school my thoughts, and walk – and watch. He will come… he will come…
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