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Of Boats and Bones

Title: Of Boats and Bones

Author: GreyWolfEyes

Characters: Faramir, Eldarion, Elboron

Rating: G

Work: LOTR

Disclaimer: All characters, places and all that jazz belong to the esteemed Mr. Tolkien.

Notes: For the "Surprise" challenge.

Oh, just so ya'll know, I know Faramir doesn't live in Osgiliath.  He, Aragorn and Eowyn are just there for a little while to check up on the rebuilt city (Arwen didn't come - she had to take care of Minas Tirith in Aragorn's absence). 


Of Boats and Bones



            Faramir sighed with relief.  Last night’s windstorm had done little damage to fair Osgiliath.


            “Lord Faramir!”

             Faramir turned to see Elboron and Eldarion pelting towards him.             

            “Come look, Father, we’ve found something!” 

The boys led him to Anduin’s banks.  Faramir felt a small twinge of apprehension – memories of a drifting elven boat flashed through his mind.  But that thought quickly disappeared when he saw it.  A skeleton of a huge animal lay washed up onto the riverside. 

            “What was it, Lord Faramir?”

            Faramir smiled slightly.  He had always wondered what had happened to the beast.

            “It was a Mûmak.”



For anyone who cares, the whole disappearing Mumak incident is in Two Towers, at the end of the chapter "Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit".


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