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Brandybuck Thief (G-rated drabble)

Title: Brandybuck Thief
Author: rubynye
Characters/Pairing: A dreadfully cheated Mistress Sackville-Baggins
Rating: G for gossip
Warnings: Lobelia S-B.
Book/Source: LOTR, backstory/Fellowship
Disclaimer: A brief benign avocational fiction.

That little Brandybuck thief! I have no idea what Bilbo sees in an urchin from that Brandy Hall warren, but then Bilbo's never been in the least respectable; it's been a constant burden to us his family. But this tops it all! Here comes this boy, encouraging Bilbo's oddities, stealing his attention from my son, stealing my husband's rightful inheritance, stealing my lovely smial! I can but hope that Bilbo comes to his senses and rids himself of this little parasite before any lasting harm is done.

Alas, Bilbo has never, I fear, been known for having good hobbit sense.
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