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Words - challenge: Naming Places

Title: Naming places
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Theodred and Boromir
Source: AU LotR
Rating: Adult [I’ve forgotten the letters – PG13?]
Warning: Slash/Graphic groping

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Tolkien … not that he’d want this bit.
Notes: For just_ann_now, as a thank you in advance – and because she suggested Theodred might teach Boromir some words in Rohirric – she just didn’t say how!

What started as a day of exploring became an evening of discovery. Theodred and Boromir had made camp where a few trees screened them from others of the eored. Boromir hadn’t heard the good-natured remarks, Theodred had simply raised an eyebrow, grinning.

The language lesson continued.
“This… ...means ‘neck’. Repeat!’
Boromir did so obediently, his voice wavering.
“This… ...'shoulder' …'chest' …'ribs' …'belly'.”
Theodred’s warm breath slid over Boromir’s naked body; naming the parts in Rohirric between lingering kisses.
"And… this… is… ...beautiful! This is… ".
Boromir gasped, failing to hear the name as Theodred’s lips formed around the final word.
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