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Title: Forgetting
Author: Kris
Word count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Aragorn, Faramir
Rating: G
Warning: Major Faramir-angst (aren't you surprised... *grin*) and snooty!Aragorn
Disclaimer: don't own 'em, not for profit
Work: post-LOTR
Notes: Another for the "Words" challenge. This was originally written as a fic request for lannamichaels, but it does fit the challenge, and I wanted to expose it to a wider readership. For those of you who have read it before, nothing to see here, move along... *whistles*

Out of all his duties as Steward, Faramir enjoyed helping the King dress for formal court the most.

Silk undertunic, light mail shirt, velvet surcoat emblazoned with the White Tree and Seven Stars of Gondor. Silver filet holding back grey-touched dark hair.

Finally, he moved to unbuckle the bracers--his brother's--that graced the king's wrists.

At that touch, Aragorn said, coldly, "Steward, you forget yourself," and pulled his arms free.

And Faramir knew, without a doubt, that however much the king might love him, he would never love him as he did his brother.

That, he would never forget.

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