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for the Words challenge, take two.

Title: Promise
Author: linaeve
Characters/Pairing: Denethor/Finduilas, Thorongil, Boromir, Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: Foreshadowing of character death
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns everything. I'm just borrowing.

My second 'Words' challenge drabble—this one is spoken rather than written word.
Please forgive if the timeline is a bit off. I remember reading somewhere that Thorongil left Gondor when Boromir was around three to four, so this might not follow canon down to the dot.


“Promise me,” Finduilas murmurs, her lily-white face turned away from his—yearning for the scent of sea-salt and sunshine, he knows—“to love them, when I am gone. Do not forsake…”

He is more-than-aware of Thorongil’s heavy presence looming near a tapestry several feet away; young Boromir stands at his side, wooden play-sword in hand. Faramir lies sick in the nursery, fevered; Denethor marks his frailty against Boromir’s boisterousness with invisible scorn.

“I promise,” he says reassuringly, smoothing her hair. He is not quite sure whether he means it or not—against actions and fate, after all, words are nothing.

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