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For the "Words" Challenge

Title: Eloquence
Author: Aervir
Characters, Pairing: Éowyn, Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Work: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: "It is a curse having the epic temperament in an overcrowded age devoted to snappy bits!" (JRRT) So, Tolkien had the 'epic temperament'. This is just a 'snappy bit' of mine.
Author's Note: It must be some kind of record to steal as much as two quotes from the Master and cram them into a mere 100 words. Here they are: 1) "Have at the Orcs, with winged words, hildenæðran (war-adders), biting darts." (JRRT, Letters) 2) "In the valleys of our hills there are flowers fair and bright, and maidens fairer still." (Faramir, ROTK)

She lets the conversation wash over her, ignoring his compliments of flowers fair and maidens fairer, already disliking him for his smooth tongue. It may merely be Gondorian courtesy, but how she distrusts this glibness! Sage counsel and honeyed compliments will turn into seduction, into treason -- as piercing and poisonous as hildenæðran, war-adders, winged arrows that bite and leave festering wounds.

Only later does she notice an eloquence once hidden to her: the gentleness of his gaze, the way his hands tremble slightly, the touch of rough-skinned fingers on her arm. She no longer minds his words so much.
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