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Word - challenge: The Voiceless Word

Title: The Voiceless Word
Author: Kortirion
Character: A Lorien Elf
Source: Movieverse!TT, and Implacida’s AU LotR-verse
Warning: Angst – but then you know the scene...
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns the template, Kortirion embroiders round the edges.

Few far-speak fluently, but all hear the voiceless word. Battle-focus sustained us on the hard march from Lothlorien. Now we stand under rain we do not feel.

We are One – a creature of light and steel.

The Dunadan shouts words of command. We need none. Mind-held, joined in voiceless benison, fea to fea.
Arrows fly. Beasts fall. More replace them – hideous shouts crack the darkness.
To each comes the silent whisper, ‘Courage – hold fast!’, before we splinter back to mere blood and bone. Now, each is alone – for who could bear being so enjoined when death takes a more-than brother-comrade?
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