Lin (linaeve) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

for the Exception challenge.

Title: Ilquen
Author: linaeve
Characters/Pairing: Ivriniel, Finduilas, Denethor
Rating: G
Warnings: Obscure character—as in History of Middle Earth obscure. The events of the story weren't strictly mentioned in canon.
Book/Source: Er, LotR and HoME.
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns everything. I'm just borrowing.

Ivriniel is the canonical (older) sister of Finduilas, as mentioned in the History of Middle Earth, though there isn't much said about her aside her birth year and name. Hence the... literary creativity. (:


I notice Finduilas self-consciously smoothing the bodice of her saffron gown; her eyes drift once more towards the entrance hall. “So eager, Finduilas?” I query lightly, involuntarily tensing as Denethor’s presence is announced.

“N-no,” Finduilas says, shooting me a flushed glare. “Why do you disapprove thusly? He is a noble man—I love him, sister, surely you understand.”

“That is well enough—for you,” I murmur, indulgently amused.

“But not for you?” Finduilas asks, exasperated. “What is it that you so dislike? Everyone else approves, even Mother.”

“She would,” I say contemptuously. “But there is always an exception to ‘everyone’.”

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