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The Exception - challenge: Obeisance

Title: Obeisance
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir
Source: Movieverse FotR
Rating: G… & angst
Disclaimer: Tolkien-man he belonga talk-pictures.

He’d never bowed the knee to anyone – not even his father – a pride that Denethor encouraged in his elder son. Boromir knew his worth, no man was his better, few his equal.

Blood filled his tortured lungs, searing pain cracked long held reserve, now he desperately desired to make the exception. As the Dunadan bestowed the kiss of grace, Boromir inhaled his musky sweetness of sweat and leather, hungrily seeking an anchor to this life. He could no longer bow – could barely move, but he struggled to whisper hoarsely the obeisance he could never make before.

"My Captain… My King… "
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