rubynye (rubynye) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Chandelier City (Pippin, Merry mentioned, G)

Title: Chandelier City
Author: rubynye
Rating: G
Characters: Pippin
Written for: The "Art" Challenge. (I was saving it for a Lorien location challenge, but...)
Based on: Fellowship of the Ring
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth is the Professor's and the fullness thereof.

Once little Pippin Took would stare enthralled at the great branched chandelier in the Brandy Hall banquet-room, shining wire and sparkling glass supporting a thousand candles; he could have gazed for hours, if Merry had let him.

Now Pippin beholds a city of chandeliers, hung amidst the broad branches of Lorien's trees. Above him Caras Galadhon, as their guides name it, sparkles and glows, its open-arched buildings encircled by floating starry lights, hazily reflected in burnished-silver branches. Pippin had thought his heart too heavy to raise ever again, but the elven-city shining before him lifts it on a gasp of wonder.
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