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Art - challenge: 'Painting Pictures' , tolkien_weekly

Title: Painting Pictures
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir/Theodred
Rating: PG
Warning: Homoeroticism
Source: Errrrrm …
Disclaimer: Nope – It may belong to Tolkien, but he won’t want this bit either!
Notes: A companion piece to ‘Naming Places’ – word-challenge

During supper they had sat sedately, discussing the merits of the local artisans. Now, Boromir eagerly painted carmine lips with kisses, tangling tongues in a glorious melee that washed colour over already warmed flesh. Daubing his fingers in the light sweat pooled at his lover’s throat, he delineated the contours of Theodred’s chest with gentle strokes; as if memorising his subject matter so he might summon this picture at will. Softly he drew the outline, curves of ribs, the well-muscled belly, finally, trailing deft touches through dark-blond curls.
He breathed his thought aloud.
"Truly, you are a work of art!"
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