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for the Art challenge.

Title: Mirrors and Jewels
Author: linaeve
Characters/Pairing: Celeborn/Galadriel, one-sided Celebrimbor/Galadriel-as-Artanis
Rating: G
Warnings: Er. Celebrimbor is Artanis/Galadriel's... step-cousin once removed, so I don't think that counts as incest. Not in the least explicit, at any rate.
Book/Source: the Silmarillion.
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns everything. I'm just borrowing.

Mirrors and Jewels

Young Celebrimbor gazes at her with gold-bright eyes, his wrists encircled with beautifully wrought runes, a mithril-set gem resting upon his temple. It gleams with otherworldly light; it is an unnerving reminder of things that she no longer has—things she forsook years ago.

The Sindarin prince, the great-nephew of Doriath’s king—his solemn presence is even more difficult to bear. In simple white and pale gray, he is a stark likeness of the Elves of Alqualondë. But there is poetry in his quiet gravity, art in the curve of his wrist and neck—and beauty in the name ‘Galadriel’.

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