Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

tolkien_weekly, 'Music - challenge: Treesong

Title: Treesong
Author: Kortirion
Character: Young Faramir & OC
Rating: G
Source: AU
Disclaimer: Tolkien=all his… but Kortirion’s embroidery's ammassing at the edge

“What’s that song?” said Faramir sleepily.
“Leaves singing the ocean’s song that the rain taught them”
“Really? Who taught you?”
“A tree-dweller,” said his amah.
“What sort? – A squirrel? A bird?”
“Neither,” she said tucking him in tightly.
“A lizard?”
“No!... Though I thought then, he’d a cold heart…” she murmured.
“ – You had a sweetheart!”
She slapped the quilt smooth, “Master Faramir – you chatter too much. Go to sleep!”

Refusing to elaborate, she lit the night-light, then took her place by the moonlit window. Faramir drifted away, lulled by elvish phrases - the lover’s song she’d never forgotten.
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