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For the music challenge...

Title: Lullaby
Author: Simbelmynë
Characters: Lothíriel, Éomer, and Elfwine
Rating: G
Book/Source: post-RotK
Disclaimer: Tolkien = genius. Simbelmynë = not so much.
Summary: Schmoop, pure and simple.


It is not the storm but her child’s cries that pierce the veil of dreams, rousing Lothíriel from deep slumber. Yet when she opens her eyes the plaintive wails are already fading away.

Across the chamber, silhouetted against dying firelight, her husband stoops over Elfwine’s cradle. He settles carefully into a chair, their son nearly swallowed by his warrior arms. Tiny fingers clutch fretfully at sleep-tossed hair, then still when Éomer begins to sing, lilting and low.

Lothíriel smiles as the voice that once sang grim and terrible in the heat of battle now softly soothes their son to sleep.

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