Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Drama - challenge, part Deux: To Play A Queen

Title: To Play A Queen
Author: Kortirion
Character: OMC
Rating: G
Source: ROTK AU
Disclaimer: Tolkien = still all his. Kortirion = humble supplicant, with creaking knees!
Notes: Riffing on the same theme, this is a companion piece to ‘To Play A King’ – well, you know what actors are like… never know which way to turn! ^_~

This would be his triumph – a commission for the Coronation feast by the Player’s Guild. Naturally slim, possessed of lustrous, golden hair, Maid’s roles came easily, though learning the correct points and gestures had taken years. He began his usual ritual; the Dresser laced his padded corset, then carefully shaved him. Applying his make-up, watching himself vanish, the lady in the mirror smiled back.

Nervously, he made his entrance, to a satisfying gasp from the King and Queen he noted smugly. They watched, fascinated, the Lady of the Golden Wood kiss an ass-headed mortal – finally, applauding rapturously.

Success! He bowed.
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