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Song of Grond (Orcs, PG; belated "Song" challenge)

I love songs. I love what Tolkien does with songs. I really didn't want this to be my submission for the "Song" challenge. But. Here it is.

Title: Song of Grond
Author: rubynye
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG for implied violence and ickyness
Characters: Perhaps excessively erudite orcs.
Source/Spoilers: Return of the King movieverse
Disclaimer: These orcs belong to New Line Cinema; the idea of orcs, Minas Tirith, and all Arda belong to Professor Tolkien.


This city's white walls would sear our eyes if the sun weren't hid by our Lord's blanketing cloud, but the thinned light stains them the shades of pale mud, beckoning the feet of our hard-tramping hordes.


He swings, wolf-headed, thick and rounded, fiery jaws biting deeper at the doors on every pass. We chant and curse with the swinging, our voices pulsing in time with his mighty pound.


Above us the Men shiver, and the reek of their fear whets our hunger. Their females squeak and scream at our missiles’s impacts; a little patience, dames, you'll feel our clawed caresses soon enough!

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