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For the "Astronomy" Challenge.

Title: But Yet Methinks I Have Astronomy

Author: Aervir

Characters: Faramir, Boromir

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Book: LOTR

Disclaimer: This universe was created by Tolkien; but this sparkling little drabble is all mine. :)

Author's Note: The title is a line from Shakespeare's Sonnet 14, from which I have also shamelessly stolen borrowed the idea for this drabble.

The lonely boy loved pouring over the star-charts in the library or gazing up to the nightly firmament; he relished the lore of Tar-Meneldur, the one king of Númenor who had preferred the heavens to the earth and the sea. For in this knowledge, he was able to lose himself, falling into the sky, hiding among Varda’s cool and distant lights.

But when his elder brother called him a starry-eyed dreamer, teasing him mercilessly, astronomy no longer seemed to matter so very much. Suddenly, Boromir’s laughing eyes turned into constant stars for him, but warmer and nearer than all others.

ETA: If anyone's interested in my (very belated) responses to the "Music" and the "Drama" challenge, I have posted them in my own journal here.
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