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Dramatis Personae

I've got network problems at the moment, so I couldn't post this on monday. The dirty looks for my late posting should be aimed at my network, rather than at me.

Title: Dramatis Personae
Author: SheBit
Source: LotR (ish)
Rating: U
Disclaimer: Tolkien imagined them first.
Author's Note: For the 'Drama' challenge, but I was having trouble getting it right, and I'm still not thoroughly happy with it. I didn't help that the intermediate draft was 168 words long and so needed drastic editing. When boromir_faramir suggested the challenge, though, I just couldn't resist a historical play put on by three particular lads.

“If by my life or death I can aid you, I will.”

The figure on his knees before him looked unimpressed.

“You always play Aragorn! Why can’t I, just once?” The honey-haired youth stood, reaching for the darker lad; not aggressive, but insistant.

“Calm yourself, cous’.” The Steward’s son stepped into the fray to placate his kinsman; assured of his status, and of his role in their play, ‘Aragorn’ crossed his arms and smiled confidently.

The peacemaker’s tone was even. “Your time will come soon enough to play at being king, cous’. Until then, let him be his father’s image.”


Additional Author's Note: Is it possible to write a character 'out of character' if their character was never really written in the first place? I managed to do it in the very first draft of this drabble, and on re-reading realised that a young Eldarion would never say the following:

"Why? I'll tell you why - one, you're not even Gondorian, two, you're not King Elessar's son and're too blonde!"

In an even earlier imagining, one of his arguments had been "you're a girl!", but then my canonmeter went off and reminded me that the young plaintiff should have been a boy.
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