Jay of Lasgalen (jay_of_lasgalen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Jay of Lasgalen

First Love

Title:  First Love

Author: Jay of Lasgalen

Word Count: 100

Characters:  Elladan, Estel

Disclaimer:  Tolkien’s, not mine.

Author Notes:   Estel experiences the pangs of unrequited love, but finds a sympathetic ear. For the 'Poetry' challenge.




First Love



Elladan peered over his brother’s shoulder at the scattered balls of screwed-up paper that littered the desk.  “What are you doing, little brother?”


Estel jumped.  “Nothing,”  he mumbled, briefly trying to hide the sheet before passing it reluctantly to Elladan. 


Elladan read the heartfelt words and crossed-out lines carefully. 


‘She is as beautiful as the night  morning  twilight  breaking dawn.

Her hair is as golden as the sun   buttercups  the rising sun.    

Her voice is …  


He gave the sheet back to his brother, placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.   “Estel, we will make a poet of you yet.”



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