Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

'Poetry'- challenge: Strong and Silent

Title: Strong and Silent
Author: Kortirion
Rating : G
Source: AU – ish
Disclaimer: Tolkien ‘s men – and something that he’d recognise.

As a child, he had made verses in imitation of those he heard; repeating them privately, never daring to perform – they were his private solace. Something scarcely approved of for him, so it seemed. His tutors encouraged some such scholarship, but seeing one wince at a school-fellow’s efforts made him determined to keep fanciful thoughts to himself. A private, commonplace book allowed him to vent spleen and anguish upon its silent, conspiratorial pages.

Now he longed to speak verses for one much beloved, but time and habit tied his tongue leaving only his hands free to create poetry between them.
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