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This one I posted immediately. See, now we're on my favorite sin... lol.

Title: Lust
Author: Mariposa
Characters/Pairing: Merry/Pippin (of course!)
Rating: PG (could be G, I suck at ratings)
Warnings: slash
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Not mine, no matter how many eBay bids I offer... Just for fun.


Sometimes Merry stares at Pippin's mouth for so long he nearly passes out. Pippin's upper lip is thin, with an enticing dip below his nose. (Merry is sure he knows just what that little V of flesh would taste like, simply from tracing it with his eyes for so long.) Pippin's lower lip is fuller, a pink cushion above his dimpled chin. Merry touched it once, while Pippin slept, and it was just as soft as it looked. Like satin. When Pippin is awake his mouth is always moving--speaking, laughing, eating. When he sleeps his mouth belongs to Merry.
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