Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Fire-works challenge: Stolen Cakes

Title: Stolen Cakes
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir – as a youth?
Source: Completely AU
Rating: PG:13 – the effects of exotic substances
Disclaimer: What’s that humming noise – Somebody spinning like a top??
Notes: I had an idea for just_ann_now’s nascent anniversary – ie: cooking, Mag, Boromir, Theodred, fire-works…and that other old bird - this isn’t quite what I planned, but I’ll post it and you can flame me later! If you like it, Ann – IOU the full version!

The night-sky bloomed with lights, so... so... beautiful... He gazed at Theodred, equally mesmerised by the fireworks above the White City, honouring the nuptials of Lord Celepharn’s daughter. They’d sidled away to visit his old Amah, and found sweet-cakes cooling – strangely spiced, but then she’d Southron trading-partners for many odd things. But... those fire-works were so wonderful – he’d never seen anything like...

Crash!Slap! Stars exploded behind his eyes.

"Boromir! Don't eat without asking!"

They gazed up with glazed eyes, and giggled.

Ruefully, she shook her head – ‘What am I to do with you!’

Both grinned, slurrily offering... "Look Amah! Wheeeeeeeeee..."
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