The Very Secret Archives (the_vsa) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
The Very Secret Archives

Title: It's the Great Pumpkin, Frodo Baggins
Author: The VSA
Characters/Pairing: The Nine Walkers
Rating: PG for questionable staff interactions
Warnings: Not for the humor-impaired
Book/Source: Movie-verse
Disclaimer: We're so sorry, Perfessor. So are Ginger and Maryann. We don't own these characters. Somebody very rich does.

For the Ghouls challenge.

Frodo sounded out the glowing orange script above Moria's entrance. "Speak fiend and enter?"

"Fiend." Aragorn intoned.

Boromir looked disgusted. "There's no quote marks."

Legolas examined the rock. "I think somebody scratched out the 'r'. They mean friends."

"How will they know were friends?" Merry backed away from the dark lake's gentle undulations.

"There must be more to this." Gandalf sat on a rock. He lit his pipe and played with his staff.

Boromir muttered. Aragorn cursed quietly.

"I miss Rosie's pies," Sam complained.

"Pie!" Frodo dissed Legolas. He turned to Gandalf. "How do you say pumpkin in Elvish?"

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