Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

So far, title-less. Feel free to suggest something. :)

Author: edoraslass
Characters: Faramir, OFC
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. Oh, except for Nanny, of course.

Faramir was pulling toys from shelves, searching under chairs and table, even rugs, frown growing deeper by the moment.
“What did you lose, little one?” I asked, going to him. “Shall I help—oh!” Yet another puddle. Faramir (and I) had played in the new-fallen snow all morning; three hours later, I was still finding it melted all over the floor.
“Boromir better not have hidden them,” he muttered.
“Hidden what?” I wanted to know. Boromir been at his lessons all morning.
“My snowballs,” Faramir exclaimed, exasperated. “I put them on the shelf! And now I can’t find my snowballs!”
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