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Yule- challenge - 'Tillecking Night in Bree'

Title: Tillecking Night in Bree
Author: Kortirion
Character: Butterbur, and cameo by Estel
Rating: G
Source: Pre-LotR
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the Professor - Kortirion just tinkers at the edges.
Notes: This is the shaved-to-the-bone drabble version of what started as a drabble but grew to 1,000+ words! The original is here - if you care to read it.

Butterbur ladled potage for the rangers. They could be hasty folk; he wanted no trouble when the young Hobbits came singing for Tillecking Night - though they didn’t seem to know of it.

The Hobbit-children’s voices dipped and soared, bringing smiles to all, even the dour young ranger, though his companion remained hooded, face hidden.

“We sing you our song for cakes and for ale,
Tillecking writ’ns, for this we wassail…”

The hobbit-babs marched around to well-earned applause.

“Tillecking!” shouted Butterbur, “You toast them for luck, sirs.”

The hidden Elf stayed the ranger’s arm.

“No Estel, allow me... till the King returns!”
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