LKK (lkk) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

A Drabble for the Greed Challenge

Title: Spoons
Author: LKK
Character: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Rating: G
Book: LotR
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and situations were created by J.R.R.Tolkien and are the property of the Tolkien estate and New Line Cinema.

A/N: I'm new to Tolkien_weekly and offer this drabble for the Seven Deadly Sins -- Greed challenge as my calling card. I rarely write hobbits; I prefer elves. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)


Spoons! He dared leave us spoons? Bilbo disappears for a year and reappears after everyone thinks he's dead. He makes Frodo his heir, not us! Finally, after we wait sixty years, he vanishes again and leaves us spoons?

Why didn't he leave us this lovely candlestick? Frodo doesn't need it. He wouldn't miss it.

What about this little mirror? It's a Baggins' family heirloom! Frodo's a Brandybuck; he shouldn't have it. I'll save it for the family.

A nicely carved footbrush and comb! In they go. There's room for them as well.



"Why is your umbrella oddly shaped?"
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